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Updates due to Coronavirus: More CSAs available and online store now LIVE!

There are quite a few new subscribers since fall, so first I will say welcome to the Full Well Farm (FWF) Newsletter! My name is Meg, I usually write the newsletter with the help of the other half of FWF Laura. Throughout the season this will be a great way to keep up with what is happening on the farm. I will use this space to share recipes and gardening tips and to communicate what the farm has available for sale.

We are so grateful to have all of your support going into the 2020 season. Like everyone, Laura and I have taken the last couple of weeks to assess how to adapt our business to this new environment. We are excited to finally be reaching out to all of our subscribers with the updates that we have decided on!

We are happy to announce that we have made more CSA box shares and flower shares available for the 2020 season and that we are launching an online store for customers to shop for pick up!

  • Our vegetable box share includes 20 weeks of farm fresh veggies from June to October. Each week you will pick up a pre-packed box of diverse vegetables and herbs from the farm, averaging about ten different items a week. We have also added a flower add on to the vegetable CSA which will include a market style bouquet for 18 weeks of the season. We only have a handful of vegetable shares available, so if you are interested please use the CSA sign up form to sign up right away!

  • Our Summer Flower CSA includes ten weeks of flower arrangements made with flowers and greenery grown right on the farm. From June to August you will pick up a florist-style bouquet to brighten your home and bring the most beautiful blooms right to your dining room table. You can sign up for the Summer Flower CSA using the sign up form.

  • Our brand new online store is now live! Right now we only have FWF merchandise for sale as we wait for our first vegetables to be ready for harvest. We have been working hard to get our first beds underway and will have salad mix, arugula, hakurei turnips, and radishes for sale by the end of the month! This newsletter and our Instagram and Facebook page are the best ways to know when we have new products available for purchase. Please share with friends who you think might be interested!

Laura and I have also taken this time to think extensively about how to best keep our customers safe. Pickups for the online store will be staggered to help people adhere to appropriate social distancing guidelines. Each box, bag, or vase will be labeled with each customer’s name so you can know that Laura and I are the only people who have handled the packaging that you are bringing home to your family. We stay up to date and adhere to the latest food safety protocols according to the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture and would be happy to answer any questions about our practices. Additionally, all of our reusable crates, vases, and tools that come in contact with the produce and flowers are sanitized between uses. This has been and will continue to be, a difficult time for all of us. Laura and I certainly never expected that we would be thrown such a curve ball in our second season. But the truth is we love growing your food and flowers, and we are doing everything we can to continue to provide to our community this season. We are so grateful to everyone who chooses us to buy local produce from, and we hope that this message finds you and your family healthy at this time. In community, Meg

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