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Full Well Farm Merch Fundraiser & Holiday Markets!

We are so excited to share our merchandise fundraiser with all of you just in time for the holiday season. Our brand new Full Well Farm merch collection includes a muscle tank, a ringer t-shirt, and a trucker hat, all printed or embroidered by North Adams' own Wallasauce. By purchasing a piece of our new merch, you will be helping the farm to raise money towards our climate battery greenhouse project (more information below). We are also offering shipping for the first time, so now you can even support the farm from afar!

Our climate battery greenhouse uses the thermal mass of the soil below ground to heat and cool the greenhouse above. Unlike other geothermal systems, our climate battery does this through a simple fan system. You can watch a video here from our designers showing how the heat energy charges the battery when the sun is out, and then uses the battery when it's cooler! The climate battery will help us use less propane to heat our tunnel in the winter, making us less dependent on fossil fuels for year-round growing.

Excitingly, our climate battery greenhouse is already up and running and full of winter crops for our winter markets and Fall CSA. Even though the project was largely grant funded, the whole project went more than $13,000 over budget due to inflated material costs, putting unplanned financial stress on the farm's finances this season. Please, support our farm and our efforts to grow organic produce year round in the Berkshires by purchasing a shirt or a hat today!

In other news, we are also excited to announce that we will be attending several farmers markets and holiday markets between now and the New Year where we will have dried flower products, like the wreath pictured here, our new merch, and hopefully some produce from our new greenhouse for sale.

Keep an eye out on our social media for when you can buy our dried flower products at other local retail stores like the Plant Connector in North Adams and Berkshire Cider in Greylock WORKS.

Where to Find Full Well Farm this Fall & Winter:

  • Saturday, October 22: Last outdoor North Adams Farmers Market

  • Saturday, November 5: North Adams Winter Farmers Market, 85 Main St. North Adams, 9-1pm

  • Friday, Nov 18: FESTIVE holiday market first look, Greylock Works, 5-8pm $25

  • Saturday, Nov 19: FESTIVE holiday market, Greylock works, 10 - 3pm, Free

  • Sunday Nov 20: Berkshire Grown Winter Farmers Market, Greylock Works

  • Saturday, December 3: North Adams Winter Farmers Market, 85 Main St. North Adams, 9-1pm

  • Sunday, December 18: Berkshire Grown Winter Farmers Market, Greylock Works

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