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Dried Flower Crown Workshop and more

Happy February! We just came out of a deep cold snap here in New England (it was -15 F before wind chill!), but luckily all of our indoor plants survived and all of the tunnels made it through the harsh winter winds. The first of the seeds are started in our little germination area in my laundry room, including all of this season's onions and shallots and ranunculus and anemones for the spring flower CSA! (More on that below!)

Bright, colorful flowers in pinks, purples, and yellows decorate a flower crown.
A dried flower crown like what you can make at our workshop on Feb 20.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we have a bunch of different options to make your day a little sweeter and more colorful! Here at Full Well Farm, we are big proponents of treating yourself. So whether you are getting yourself a little something to brighten up the second half of winter, or treating a sweetie or a friend to a fun activity, we've got an option for you:

1. Join us at the Plant Connector on February 20, at 5 pm for our first ever dried flower crown workshop! I love giving an activity as a gift instead of a "thing." With this workshop you can have a fun activity together designing flower crowns (and what's more romantic than that), PLUS you get to take home an everlasting flower crown for summer festivals, weddings, faerie parties, and more.

2. Our seasonal Flower CSAs make great gifts, and if you order now you will get a hand drawn card in the mail to give on Valentine's Day!

Most flowers bought on Valentine's Day are imported from Latin American countries like Columbia and Ecuador. Refrigeration and long-haul transport result in staggering amounts of carbon emissions and other air pollution. The

International Council on Clean Transportation documented that in 2018, cut flower deliveries grown in Colombia and flown to the United States produced around 360,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide. Yikes!

I think that people often leave flowers out of the local food movement because, well, they aren't food! But conventional and imported flowers can have the same detrimental environmental impact as imported, conventional food. So this Valentine's Day, skip the store bought roses and buy local instead! Our Spring Flower CSA runs for four weeks in late spring and includes specialty crops like tulips, ranunculus, and anemones. Not only will you get organically grown, long lasting local flowers, you also get a month of bouquets instead of just one!

3. Last but not least, we have our everlasting flower products on sale on our website for 20% off! This is the last chance to grab a dried flower wreath or bouquet

before the fresh flowers arrive in the spring. Everlasting flowers can last for years out when kept inside and out of direct sunlight. These wreaths are perfect for over a mantle (where I keep mine) or hanging on inside door. Brighten up your space with a pop of locally grown color!

We are through the Persephone period, meaning that the darkest 10 weeks of the year are officially behind us. Whether or not Valentine's Day is your jam, there is certainly a lot to celebrate with spring on the horizon! We hope you will join us in celebrating the joy of flowers this winter and spring. Stay warm, stay well!

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