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Starting the summer with gratitude

The farm this week has been a whirlwind of balancing harvest and the rest of the bed prep that we have to do this spring. Laura and I are a crew of two, so now that multiple days a week go towards harvesting veggies to stock our farm stand and bring a full table to market, we don't have as much time to do other projects on the farm.

Cilantro at the market and the stand this weekend!

Luckily, harvesting is one of the most rewarding parts of farming. We always seem to have a magical moment in the washroom when we're surrounded by mountains of baby bok choy and spinach and we think "Wow! We grew this!"

As we start the summer season of abundance, Laura and I are bursting with gratitude for the North Berkshire community that has been so welcoming. Our first farmers market in North Adams felt like a testament to how open the community is to a new vendor. Even though it's our first year there, there were so many incredible customers who came and shopped with us and tried new things. Every time someone walked away with a bunch of hakurei turnips even though they had never tried them before, I though about how lucky we are.

Moody bachelors buttons in the bouquets Saturday.

We are also grateful to the chefs and cooks at Public, Tourists, Bread Euphoria and our newest wholesale customer Trail House for giving a new farm a chance and for investing in sustainable, local agriculture. And for making incredible new creations like flatbread featuring our french breakfast radishes!

Flatbread at Public featuring our French Breakfast radishes.

Finally, we are thankful that all of you readers want to make the farm a part of your weekly routine! We are blessed with an incredible job, working outside, growing food, learning about flowers, honestly it's a dream, and we are so exciting to share it with all of you through the newsletter.

New at the market tomorrow is cilantro! This fragrant herb is destined to be on top of your taco. See you soon!

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