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SNAP/ HIP Vegetable CSAs available, sign-up today!

A Regular CSA share including: Green leaf lettuce, carrots, fresh onions, asian eggplant, dill, cherry tomatoes, a quart of red tomatoes, and a bunch of golden beets.

Happy New Year! 2021 has arrived, and Laura and I have plenty of updates from the farm. We got ahead of the curve this year and spent December planning the 2021 season for our CSA and market customers. Our most exciting update is that we can now officially accept SNAP and HIP benefits at the North Adams Farmers' Market, as payment for our Vegetable CSA shares, and at our farm stand in Adams. If you are interested in signing up for one of our Vegetable CSAs, please fill out our CSA sign-up form here. We will have more updates about how our farm stand will work closer to spring!

Abunch of lemon basil, a bunch of baby bok choy, a head of red lettuce, and a pint of heirloom paste tomatoes.
A sample of an Individual Share.

2021 will also be our most diverse season yet with 200 different varieties of vegetables and flowers being grown. Ordering seeds is such a rewarding activity when it's gray and cold outside, those seed catalogues really know what they're doing! I feel like I can smell the tomatoes just looking at them. I wanted to give you all a sneak peak of some of the new things that we are hoping to bring to our customers this season.

Vegetable-wise, we are now offering two share sizes, regular (2-4 medium vegetable eaters) and individual (1-2 medium vegetable eaters). The individual shares are selling fast and we have a cap on the amount we are offering, so sign-up soon! Sign-ups will be open until May 1. We are bulking up many of the popular items that we already grow, including mixed greens, green beans, and heirloom tomatoes so that we can bring even more of them to our farmers' market in North Adams. We are also adding some new veggies, including broccoli and cauliflower, kabocha squash, and five new varieties of sweet and spicy peppers. I am personally very excited to reintroduce Chioggia beets, the candy cane variety that are so incredibly sweet.

A bunch of rich pink and ruffled flower called lisianthus
Doublini Rose Lisianthus that we are planting for summer flower CSAs.

In flowerland we are offering three seasonal shares, spring, summer, and fall, that you can learn more about here. Spring shares are already more than half gone, so if you have had your eye on one now's the time! Sign-ups will be open until April 15 or until we sell out. This fall we planted more than four hundred specialty tulips for our spring CSA and added a patch of heirloom daffodils that I am ecstatic about. We are also adding lisianthus to the summer CSA line-up and five more varieties of dahlias for fall. Basically I can't stop. Nothing brings me more joy in January than picking out flower varieties. I am constantly swooning. Not only are flower CSAs a great gift (*cough cough Valentine's Day*), they are also the best way to guarantee the best of our flowers all season long. We hope that your first week in the new year has been restful. If you have any questions about our CSA offerings, feel free to email us at

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