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Festive and CSA Box Share Announcement!

Full Well Farm will be at Greylock Works for FESTIVE holiday market this today the 23rd from 10am- 4pm!

It's a big event with lots of yummy and beautiful goodies to eat, gift, and enjoy! We have been enjoying the creative side of farming and have made a variety of products to preserve the season's beauty. Everlasting wreaths made from farm grown sweet Annie and flowers are not only nice to look at, but smell fantastic- a unique alternative to evergreens!

We harvested our thyme, rosemary and sage for safe keeping too! We'll have mixed dried herb bunches (perfect for poultry!) and herb wreaths livened with our everlasting flowers. For anyone wanting to adorn themselves or a friend, our everlasting flower crowns are perfect! And in case that's not enough fragrance, we are also bringing lavender greens bundles to stash away in your drawer, car or wherever needs a lift!

We will also be selling fresh Cape Cod Cranberries grown by Laura's family at Tupper Farm in Brewster, MA. Like Full Well's produce, they are organically grown (not certified) and top-quality! Laura usually sells cranberries on Cape Cod with her family the weekend before Thanksgiving, but this year is bringing them to the Berkshires to share with a new crowd. You can ask for her family recipe card and stock up, since they last weeks in the fridge!

We are offering a Community Supported Agriculture Shares in 2020!

After a very welcoming year at the North Adams Farmers Market, we are very excited to be engaging with our neighbors in a new way. If you love our veggies, flowers, and herbs, a CSA might be for you! We are offering a Vegetable CSA share, a Spring Flower CSA share and a Summer Flower CSA share!

Go to our website for info on our Veggie CSA share and our Flower CSA shares.

At Full Well Farm, we grow everything using no-till, sustainable practices so that we can to provide you with high quality food and flowers, while also caring for the land and the life within it. In June, we will invite our CSA members to a farm tour where you can see first hand our beloved land and learn about our practices. We use organic compost and do not use synthetic fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides. We encourage questions and are looking forward to inviting the community to learn more about sustainable agriculture through our CSA membership. We greatly appreciate the mutual commitment of CSA membership. You'll be receiving fresh, delicious produce and beautiful flowers, and we'll be grateful for the support. CSA memberships allow small farms to buy the important beginning-of-the-season needs to help us grow fantastic crops! And you get to eat like a farmer!

And of course, feel free to reach out with any questions!

Thank You!

As a young farm, it is incredibly exciting whenever we meet a new face at market, or get a new sign-up for out newsletter. There are a lot of rewards in farming from the obvious ones like tasty meals, to the earned rewards of overcoming a challenge. I am learning that the reward of community support is especially sweet and as we are planning for next season and getting excited for bringing you new veggies to try, and new ways to be engaged with the farm, I'm smiling knowing that you'll all be sharing in the excitement! -- Full Well Farm

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