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Early Killing Frost and Everlasting Bouquets at market!

As I am sure many of you know, we had a weekend of frosty temperatures here in the Berkshires and unfortunately the farm was not immune. This is definitely several weeks early for a killing frost here. Our primary growing season here in Zone 5b is usually June 1 - Oct 1, which already feels so short, so shaving a few weeks off the end feels extra disappointing. Below is a picture of one of our dahlias Sunday morning and our green peppers. At least they're beautiful!

Even though this is disappointing, it's not a complete surprise and Laura and I have lots of frost resistant fall crops on the way, including broccoli rabe, purple top turnips, watermelon radishes, arugula, and mixed greens, and winter squash.

The annual flowers might be finished, but we have thousands of flowers drying in the barn to use in wreaths and everlasting bouquets. We will be bringing the first of our everlasting bouquets to market this weekend! Keep an eye out on social media and in this newsletter for announcements about how to purchase wreaths and flower crowns going into the holiday season.

Even though today is the first day of fall, we are already planning for next summer's CSAs! We will be offering another season's worth vegetable box shares, including an individual sized share, plus another seasons worth of weekly flower bouquets through our flower CSA. We will be making an announcement soon and have a limited number of shares available, so keep us in mind!

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