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A brief video about no-till farming

This week we were asked to make a video about what it means to be a CSA and a no-till farm for a class of third graders, and I thought that subscribers might also want to see! Turns out being farmers does not make us videographers, so please forgive our video quality!

As the season goes on we will continue to share more about what no-till farming means here at Full

Well. Transparency is really important to us, so we are happy to answer any questions about our practices. We only use organic growing methods, which means that we never spray chemical pesticides or use chemical fertilizers.

Pictured to the right are our Amandine Ranunculus in Purple Jean and Rose. We have been drooling over these beauties all week! If you are interested in getting a bouquet we currently have some listed on the North Adams Farmers Market website and will likely have more on our store for Saturday.

I hope you enjoyed our little video!

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