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 vegetables, herbs, and flowers organically grown using no-till practices in the beautiful berkshires.



Meg Bantle (they/ she) and Laura Tupper-Palches (she/her) founded Full Well Farm in 2018 and currently manage three-quarters of an acre of permanent, no-till beds. FWF is located on the ancestral homelands of the Muhheaconneok or Mohican people and the Wabanaki Peoples, who are the indigenous peoples of this land, named Adams, Massachusetts in English. FWF is also located on the Burnett Farm property, where Meg's grandparents ran their family dairy business for over 40 years.  

Community drives everything we do at Full Well Farm. Our business model is rooted in social justice and the belief that everybody has the right to high quality produce. As a LGBTQIA+ and women owned farm, we  strive to create a safe space in our community for all identities. The CSA model also allows us to share our access to this beautiful land with many of our customers. Laura grew up on a cranberry bog on Cape and Meg is a sixth generation farmer and grew up right here on the farm. Both Meg and Laura are invested in continuing this familial legacy of land stewardship.


Community also drives our growing practices, which go beyond organic and no-till standards and focus on building soil life and sequestering carbon. From supporting pollinators, to planting cover crops,  to maintaining soil structure for microbes, our growing practices at FWF demonstrate a deep respect for the larger ecosystems on the farm and a commitment to stewarding our land with sustainable practices in light of the urgency of climate change. 


"I loved knowing my food was coming from a farm that had thoughtful, climate-focused practices, and to have had the opportunity to learn those practices through work-trade! I feel more connected to my food, the planet, and our community."

-CSA member




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